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Clean and consistent cannabis products are our focus at AfriCann, and our cannabis oils are no exception. By collaborating with the industry’s best cannabis concentrate licensed producers in Canada, we have taken a scientific approach to the development of AfriCann’s cannabis oil product lineup. This approach has provided us the ability to offer our patients a more discrete, consistent, and accurate method of dosing medical cannabis.

To develop the AfriCann cannabis oil lineup, the cannabinoids produced are extracted using carbon dioxide extraction. The extracted resin is then dissolved in medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to create our cannabis oil products. MCT is a pharmaceutical-grade, non-allergenic natural oil used widely in food and is known for being flavourless and odourless. AfriCann’s organic product range is dissolved in organic olive oil. 

Our cannabis oils are lab tested, and each batch has a certificate of analysis (CoA) that verifies purity and the complete absence of harmful pollutants such as pesticides and heavy metals.

Our quality is guaranteed.


When using your cannabis oil for the first time, follow the recommended dosing provided by your Doctor. If you weren’t provided with any dosing instructions, the general recommendation is to try a small dose and wait several hours to assess the effects. We recommend administering your cannabis oil by initially putting the measured dose under the tongue (sublingual) using the dropper, and then swallowing it to be fully metabolized by the body.

Ingesting cannabinoids through tinctures, softgel capsules or cannabis oil is quite similar to edibles but can absorb into your body much faster.

Tinctures provide long lasting relief. Oils can be consumed in a number of ways: direct oral ingestion, mixed into foods (like yoghurt or dip) or added to recipes which require oil


Track your usage to better understand the effects of your medicine. We’ve created a simple tracking sheet and mobile tracking app to help you monitor the effects.

Using the built-in dropper, or a syringe, measure the dose recommended by your doctor.

Release the cannabis oil under your tongue and allow it to sit for a moment before swallowing.

Remove the plastic film covering the bottle. Pull off the tab and throw it away.

Press down on the top button on the bottle. While pressing down on the button, turn the top to the right

Shake well before use. Spray into your mouth, away from clothing, children and pets.

You may begin to feel the effects anywhere between 1 – 3 hours after consumption, however, this is highly variable. When the cannabis oil sits under the tongue, some of the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream directly through the sublingual artery. After swallowing, the cannabinoids are processed through your liver. Some patients find that the onset of effects is faster when cannabis oil is taken sublingually in comparison to swallowing the oil immediately, either directly or in softgel capsule form.


For AfriCann’s oils, 5ml – 8ml of our medical cannabis oils is equivalent to 1 gram of dried cannabis; meaning that the total 30ml volume of one bottle of cannabis oil is equivalent to 6 – 8 grams of dried cannabis flower.


Some of the most common questions we receive are dosing related. When it comes to CBD, it is important to remember that there is a cumulative effect in the body and many patients see a drastic benefit after 6 weeks of continued/regular use. There is also no maximum dose for CBD and it is common for patients to use 1ml, 3x a day to reach their desired symptom relief.

Ingesting orally and vapourising will differ significantly from each other both in terms of onset of effect and total duration of effect. When vapourising your cannabis, the onset is instant and usually lasts for 2-3 hours. When you ingest your cannabis, you can expect an onset of 1-3 hours with effects lasting anywhere from 6-8 hours. Some of our patients, with more extreme conditions, are finding relief vapourising while waiting for their ingested treatments to activate. 



0.5 – 2 hours

0 – 1.5 hours



0 – 0.5 hours

6+ hours


Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Store your oils in a dark place away from the sun

Oils should be stored in a cool, dry place.