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Advances in science support the use of cannabis for medical purposes. AfriCann has developed a number of quick guides to help you understand medical cannabis, and further, which strain, dosage, and treatment schedule will best suit an individual.


South African Law - The Medicine and Related Substances Act 101, as amended - Provides for medical cannabis to be prescribed for a patient by a doctor under Section 21 regulations. 

Section 21 Application

Currently the only way patients may legally access medical-grade cannabis is through a process know as a Section 21 application. 

A number of regulated markets currently allow for the manufacture and prescription of cannabis medicines. Currently the only way in which a qualifying patient is able to access cannabis medicines in South Africa is through the importation after it has been prescribed by a doctor who is able to make an application on the patient’s behalf.

Doctor Prescribes

As a potential patient, consult with your doctor to determine your eligibility for medical cannabis. If eligible the doctor completes your prescription outlining the number of milligrams per day and the prescription duration, together with your informed consent.

Doctor’s are able to prescribe and access imported cannabis medicines for their patients on a patient-by-patient basis.



Patient completes AfriCann’s simple registration process.

You can either fill out the online patient registration form or download the form and print it to fill out by hand.


As a potential patient, consult with your doctor to determine your eligibility for medical cannabis. If eligible the doctor completes your prescription outlining the number of milligrams per day and the prescription duration, together with your informed consent.


Once we have received the completed prescription from your doctor, we can then verify it and begin the process of obtaining approval from South African Health Authority – SAHPRA. Once approved the product will be delivered by us to the location of your choice. This could be your pharmacy, dispensing doctor, or home.


Made from Cannabis (Hemp Free)

Our medical-grade cannabis is imported from Canada and meet the highest pharmaceutical quality standards worldwide.


How to talk to your Doctor

Talking to your doctor about medical cannabis should not be a difficult or uncomfortable experience, even though you may be wondering how to approach the conversation. Below are some tips on how to broach the topic.

1. Share your experience and reasons why you think medical cannabis might be worth considering for your treatment. This could include the efficacy or side effects of current medications you are on. If you have had personal experience with using cannabis and found it to have a positive effect on alleviating your symptoms, say so. You may also wish to voice concern about your ability to access a safe and legal supply of medical cannabis, versus obtaining it from an untrustworthy source.

2. Once having explained your reasons, simply ask your doctor if they are willing to prescribe medical cannabis.

3. If your doctor is unwilling to sign a medical cannabis prescription, find the links below to  partnering doctors and clinics with doctors that specialises in Cannabinoid therapy.


AfriCann was founded by senior pharmaceutical executives dedicated to providing South African patients with legal access to genuine, safe and trusted medical cannabis. AfriCann’s focus is on providing education and support to both patient and clinician to ensure that their experience of cannabinoid treatment is well-informed, patient-centric and outcomes-focussed.

Our medical cannabis is imported from Canada and is: –

Medical grade and medically registered

Medical grade and medically registered

Our Canadian partners produce registered medical cannabis under strict Health Canada regulations to medical standards



Every product in each product segment is identically produced and formulated so that you can be assured of the same results each time you use it

Laboratory tested and batch certified

Laboratory tested and batch certified

Cannabis is a highly absorbent plant. Our medicines are independently tested and certified to contain no harmful heavy metals, pesticides or contaminants. Each product’s certificate can be accessed online

Evidence backed

Evidence backed

Canada has allowed medical cannabis usage for over 15 years. Our partners have gathered extensive indication-specific data from patients and clinicians on all of their products

We recognise that medical cannabis can be a confusing and intimidating product, given especially that South Africa is only recently ‘post prohibition’ and is being flooded with multiple untested products. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in the distribution of our best-of-breed products and to ensure that both doctors and patients are able to use our products knowledgeably and with the utmost confidence.


AfriCann is built and designed to manage market demand through the vertical supply chain situated in the United Kingdom and South Africa

Need Help?

If you’re having trouble completing your registration, or you have questions about medical cannabis, visit one of our partner clinics.

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